The company was founded in 1981, with the introduction of different types of products, some of those products were dyes. It was until 1991, that we decided to specialize on them. We left behind other lines of products and we concentrated our efforts and economic resources on dyes.

      With the passing of the years, and in order to target other industries, we added a more diverse range of colors in our portfolio. Later in 2000, we decided to also offer higher quality products, pigments and fluorescent pigments for many other uses.

      Today, we have more than 500 clients all over the country, and we have sales representatives on the most industrialized states of the country. We also provide technical support to our clients from our corporate office and distribution center in Mexico City.

      Our products are used on all different kinds of industries such as: Textile (fibers, threads, clothing), Paper & Cardboard (paste and laminates), Lubricants & Combustibles, Painting, Printing Ink (serigraphy, watercolors, etc), Soaps & Detergents (dust, pastes, and liquids), Chemical & Pharmaceutical and many more.